How Dance Has Changed 

Dance has had to change and adapt since the pandemic. Before the pandemic, we could stand anywhere we wanted, and be able to be close to people. We could put our bags anywhere and we did not have to wear masks. We had competitions and special performances at places. We also danced in nursing homes. Now we haven’t been able to do any of that. 

Now, when we come in we get our temperature checked and sanitize. We take our shoes off and go into whatever studio we are in for that night. We bring everything up with us. There are dots spaced 6 feet apart that we put our bags on and where we stand at the barre. When we come out into the center, there are dots spaced 6 feet apart as well. We have to stand on them. We have not had any competitions, nursing home performances, or special performances. 

We are lucky that this year we are continuing our annual recital. It is not where we usually have it, but we are fortunate enough to still be doing this. Only two people are allowed to come for each dancer and there are many recitals so there are not a lot of people there. We also got to continue the tradition of performing in the 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade; however even that was pre-recorded.


I am so happy that dance is continuing this year even though we haven’t done our usual things. 

By: Emma Vinci

Posted by On 16 April, 2021 at 10:43 AM