Pasta Contest in Multicultural Cooking 

For a club like Multicultural Cooking, the lack of days spent in-school has been difficult for the members. Last year, this club would come together and collaboratively make different dishes from around the world. The most enjoyable part about this club was the ability to work simultaneously with one another and present the same dish that was uniquely made by each member. Partners and groups were often formed to complete the meal.

Because of obvious reasons (COVID-19), this was no longer possible. The advisors of the club (Mrs. Diamantis and Ms. Blake) had to think of new ideas to keep the club running from home. The ingredients for the dish had to be universal so that every student had the opportunity to participate. The two had decided for the members to create a pasta dish, a common food that many enjoy. No restrictions were put into place. The students were able to get as creative as they’d like to create their own plate of food. There was a set deadline in which each individual would submit their pasta picture to a slideshow.

Different categories had existed so that voting on the best dishes could take place. The winners of each category had been the following: tastiest was Darrin Chen, fanciest was Danaka Bennett and Katrina Mastrangelo, most unique was Kacie Palmer, took most time to make was Kiayah Mayes, and favorite was Tyler Baker. 

Moving forward, the Multicultural Cooking Club will host a contest among the members to see who can prepare the best holiday treat. Winners will be determined after winter break!

Written by: Danaka Bennett

Posted by rdonohue On 09 December, 2020 at 9:21 AM