Thanksgiving Day Parade 
This year the 6ABC Dunkin’ Thanksgiving Day Parade was virtual. Many other dance studios, along with mine, had times starting in the beginning of October to record our dances. Mulford Dance Studio had just short of two weeks to learn many dance routines for the parade. Many dancers and I were excited to still be a part of our usual tradition. We were saddened to hear that we were the first to be recorded. We missed all of the stress and excitement of a typical November and especially waking up at 2 AM on Thanksgiving morning. The parade experience for all of us this year was very weird. We did not wake up early and we actually got to watch the parade this year. There were many old throwbacks along with the new dances the studios recorded. All in all, even though the parade was virtual, we still had fun!

Written by Emma Vinci

Posted by rdonohue On 08 December, 2020 at 8:41 AM