How the School Closure Has Affected Me 

Back in March, I walked out of school expecting to come back in a few weeks. At first, I thought it was a good thing because it was almost like an extended spring break. Two weeks quickly turned into sitting here now in December, still not back in school yet. No one had expected the pandemic to keep our school closed for this long. As a freshman at the time, it was upsetting to me, especially when we found out that we would be home for the rest of the school year. I knew I was missing out on making so many memories. 

Fast forward to now, it is December and I am still doing school remotely. 

I feel like I am one of the rare kids who actually loves going to school. So, the fact that I have not been in school since March is absolutely killing me. I want to be in school with my classmates and teachers. I want to be making more memories at Gloucester High. But that just isn’t possible right now. I wish it was. 

When we first began remote learning in March, and continued with it in September, I liked it because it felt easier and a lot less stressful. However, now that I have been doing it all of this time, it is kind of starting to stress me out. I say this because, by now, I would probably be building a pretty close bond and relationship with most of my teachers. I don’t really feel that bond yet, except with maybe one or two teachers. It is a lot harder to build relationships with teachers through a screen. I also think it is a lot harder to go to the teachers for help through a screen. It was so much easier when I was able to get help in person. 

I hope to be back in school with all of my teachers and classmates very soon! 

Written by Sabrina Hughes

Posted by rdonohue On 03 December, 2020 at 11:36 AM