Short Story 
Kallie was walking along until she heard a “BANG.” The horror on her face when she heard it was terrifying. A man walked out of the woods and Kallie ran as fast as she could. The man started following her. Kallie started screaming and tried to get to the nearest police station. The man caught up to her in an instant. Kallie started crying and screaming. The man grabbed her and brought her to the cabin. Kallie was trembling and was terrifying. The man put her in the chair and left the room. Kallie quickly scanned the room to see if she could reach anything to untie her hands and ankles. The man came back in but he was a shorter, fatter, and this one was wearing a mask. Kallie’s eyes opened wide. The man came close and then ripped the mask off. It was her brother John. He wanted to make a harmless Halloween prank.

Written by Emma Vinci
Posted by rdonohue On 20 November, 2020 at 9:51 AM