Covid-19 Impact on Student Athletes for the Fall Season of 2020 

Back in March, my classmates and I walked out of Gloucester City High School expecting to return within two weeks. An extended spring break had seemed ideal at the time, but two weeks had quickly turned into more than six months. None of us had ever expected for this pandemic to happen and take away so many activities from our school year. Freshman missed their first year of the full high school experience. Juniors missed their prom. Seniors missed their senior trip. Most importantly of all, every spring athlete lost their season. Fast forward to the current month of September and fall sports are back in action. This time last year, games and scrimmages were unfolding for all teams. As of the sixteenth of September of 2019 the following had already occurred: football completed two games, field hockey completed four, soccer completed five and cross country attended several meets. Because of the restrictions in place this year, summer workouts weren’t possible for many teams. The training portion for the upcoming season was left to the individual athlete to get themselves prepared for fall. Eventually, every sport throughout the school was given permission to start. Each team got minimal amounts of time to practice before September 1st hit, the first day of school. The beginning of a new school year had restricted sports

for two whole weeks before we were able to return as a whole. During this time period, all coaches had trusted their athletes to get in shape and continue practicing their skills as they would if they were actually at the school. Now, in present time, the two weeks is over and every team is getting serious. Our time to prepare for this season with our other teammates was severely limited compared to past years. Minimal practice time only leads to the athletes working even harder to develop a winning team. October 1st is when games officially begin. Each sport schedule has been significantly shortened due to the pandemic but will continue to occur throughout the beginning of November. Throughout October, student athletes will be playing to the best of their ability in order to make up for the lost time of their season.

Written by Danaka Bennett

*This was written in Mid-September but due to technical issues is being published now. Fall Sports were generally able to be played on schedule due to the tremendous efforts of our athletes and coaches to stay healthy. The content of this article is a testament to the struggles faced by our students and the wins racked up by every Fall team and shows their perseverance.

Posted by On 20 November, 2020 at 9:49 AM