Aladdin told from a different point of view 

Once upon a time... I was planning with Abu how to steal some food. We hadn’t eaten in 3 days. I was starving and so was Abu. The last thing we ate was bread, which isn’t really that filling. We had to fight off the soldiers to get the bread. Abu finally got it but I split it with some kids because they need it more. I went back to the village the next day and saw a beautiful girl. She was walking around handing out bread to kids. I knew that she was going to get caught so I told her to act like my sister and that she is crazy. We went to where I sleep. She said the view was beautiful and she loved it. We had to run from the soldiers. They found us at my “place”. The girl I helped was the princess. I was with the princess and I didn’t know. Jafar’s guards took me to the dungeon. It was dark and I was handcuffed to the wall. There was a little bit of light coming in from the crack of the wall where Abu came in to rescue me. I saw this old man and he said he was a lonely prisoner. He told me there was a cave that would give me all I want. He told me that I had to get a lamp for him but we weren’t allowed to touch anything else in the cave. I had traveled to the cave and Abu touched something but I got the lamp in time. The cave tried to take me but I gave the lamp to the old man in time. He turned out to be Jafar. I got trapped in the cave. Abu wakes me up and shows me that he stole the lamp. I rubbed it to try and read what it said on it. All of a sudden a Genie appeared out of it. He told me I was his master. Apparently I have three wishes because I rubbed the lamp. I can’t wish for more wishes. The Genie told me he’s in my corner. To use my wishes I have to rub the lamp. He put on a whole show to tell me what I can and cannot do. Also to tell me he is my friend. I was a little confused that he could grant me wishes. He cannot kill anyone, bring anyone back from the dead, and he cannot make someone fall in love with me. I was skeptical so I got him mad to see if he could get me out of the cave. I asked the Genie about my three wishes and he said I only have two. I told him I tricked him into getting me out of the cave and I didn’t actually wish to get out. I asked him what he could wish for. He said he would wish for freedom. The Genie said a master needs to wish him to be free. I told him after I use these two wishes I would use my third to wish him to be free. For my first wish I wished to become a prince because I was in love with the princess. He gave me a lot of animals and gold. We performed in a parade to the princess’s castle. My prince name is Prince Ali. The Genie was by my side the whole parade. I met the Sultan and his royal advisor, Jafar. The Sultan rode my magic carpet. Jafar was questioning me about where I was from and how worthy I am of meeting the princess. I saw Jasmine and she stormed off. Genie told me to ride the magic carpet up to her room so I did. I took her on a magic carpet ride. We saw the world and it was beautiful. Jasmine loved it, and I was so happy. She thought I was from the market. She asked for the truth but I told her I dress as a commoner to escape the palace life. I kissed her when I dropped her back to her room. Out of nowhere Jafar and his guards locked me up. I was thrown into the ocean. I tried to reach the lamp in time to save myself. When I awoke I was on land, the Genie saved my life. The Sultan told Jasmine that she was to marry Jafar. I smashed Jafar’s staff to show the Sultan that he was controlling him. The guards arrested Jafar, but he threw a bottle of smoke before they took him away. He disappeared. Jasmine was going to marry me. The Sultan told me he was so happy and I would become Sultan. I wasn’t aware that I would become Sultan. Genie tried to reassure me, but it wasn’t working. I was frustrated and I told Genie I couldn’t wish him free. I wasn’t ready to become Sultan. Without him, I am just Aladdin. The Genie was right, I should tell Jasmine the truth. I was trying to tell her but she pushed me in front of the whole crowd and didn’t give me a chance to tell her. Jafar wished to be Sultan. He stole the lamp!! I couldn’t believe it. I whistled for the carpet to try and get the Genie back. Jafar wished to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world. He used two wishes uncarefully. Jafar exposed me to who I really am. I tried to admit to her what was going on but Jafar was too strong. He blasted me away. I wish I had the Genie right now. Abu and I were stuck in a cold place. I found carpet in the cold with us too. We dug until we could get the carpet free. We flew back to Agrabah. When we got there, I realized that Jafar was trying to make Jasmine marry her. Jasmine saw me so she decided to play along. She distracted Jafar by saying she liked him. I was planning to steal the lamp back but Idago saw me. Abu distracted him and Jasmine kissed Jafar but he saw me. He zapped me and when Jasmine was trying to get the lamp, he put her in an hourglass. He turned Abu into a monkey toy, and the carpet went away. He blew fire and turned into a snake. I fought him off and tried to save Jasmine and everyone else I loved. I told him that Genie had more power than him. Jafar used his last wish to make himself the most powerful Genie. I knew that I could get him into the lamp so he would have to have a master and bow down to his master. Everything was restored back to normal and Jasmine still loved me. She said the law was stupid and Genie said I had one wish left. I used it to wish the Genie free instead of becoming a prince. He was so grateful. I was going to miss him so much, but Sultan said I was worthy of marrying Jasmine anyways. Sultan changed the law so Jasmine could marry me. We got married and I was so happy with my life. I was married to the love of my life with all of my friends by my side.

Retold by Emma Vinci
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