Thanksgiving Game 

Thanksgiving started with the annual football game between Gloucester High School and Gloucester Catholic, a tradition people look forward to every year at this time. It began with the entrance of the teams and the beautifully sung National Anthem. Both teams came out knowing they had to do everything they could to win. The first, the second, and third quarter ended with the rivals having both scored zero. The middle of the fourth quarter is when Gloucester High scored the first touchdown which was made by Steven Burkhardt. However, the quarter ended with Ben Watkis scoring a touchdown for Gloucester Catholic. As the fourth ending with both teams tied at six, the game had to continue in overtime. Gloucester High made a field goal, giving them a lead of three points. Shortly after, Ben Watkis, Gloucester Catholic player, pushed his hardest and scored the winning touchdown. Even though Gloucester High didn’t win, they showed what playing as a team and even more, as a family looked like. This was the last Thanksgiving game the seniors would be a part of and they put in a strong effort and enjoyed every last moment with their team. They will be missed next year during the season and especially the game.  Written by Ainsley Pratt

Posted by On 03 December, 2019 at 10:32 AM