We are extremely proud of our offerings in visual, performing, and practical arts at Gloucester High School.  At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, we have made some key updates to continue to grow our Art Department offerings to rival any in the area.  Here is a listing of all offerings:

Introduction to the Arts

Drawing/Painting Design
Art & Design
Advanced Art & Design
Pre-AP Art & Design
AP Studio Art:  Drawing

2-Dimensional Design
Photography & Graphics
Advanced Photography & Graphics
Pre-AP 2-Dimensional Design
AP Studio Art:  2-Dimensional Design

3-Dimensional Design
Advanced Ceramics/Sculpture
Pre-AP Ceramics/Sculpture
AP Studio Art:  3-Dimensional Design

Music & Theater
Band I
Band II
Band III
Beginner Guitar
Piano Lab
Experience Broadway Musicals
Instrumental Performance
Choral Performance

TV & Film
TV & Film Production I
TV & Film Production II
The Lions News