Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame

Each Spring, Gloucester City Junior-Senior High School recognizes distinguished alumni who exemplify our motto of Partnership, Performance and Pride. All of our honorees have led lives of purpose and have given a great deal back to their communities. For each of them, their road to success traveled through the halls of GHS.

2022 Distinguished Alumni Application

2006 Inductees

Dr. John Corcoran, ‘46
                Professor, Local Historian, Board Member

Louisa (Finger) Llewellyn, ‘50
                Educator, Community Leader, Board Member

James McNally, ‘29
                Educator, Administrator, Youth and High School Sports Advocate

2007 Inductees

Charles and Mary Jane (Uibel) Nash, ‘47
                Business Owners, Church and Civic Leaders

Dr. Charles Brennan, ‘48
                Student Athlete, School Physician, Family Physician

Frank Keebler, ‘47
                Coach, Educator, Guidance Director

2008 Inductees

James H. Hetherington, ‘56
                Educator, Administrator, Church Leader

Dorothy (Radford) Sasse, ‘38
                Teacher, Encourager, Mentor

Harry L. Demarest Jr., ‘23
                Educator, Coach, Historian

2009 Inductees

Carl A. Vitola, D.O., ‘69
                Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, School and Team Physician, Clinical Instructor

Walt Burrows, ‘45 
                Pioneer High School Sports Journalist, Member Football, Basketball, Baseball,
                and NJSIAA Halls of Fame

2010 Inductees

Anthony Jannetti, ‘55
                Health Care Provider, Businessman, Civic Leader

Charles Owens, ‘45
                World War II Veteran, Public Servant, Youth Sports Advocate

Paul Schroy, M. D., ‘45
                Medical Doctor, Leading Researcher, Pioneering Surgeon

2011 Inductees

Jane (Carson) Gellien, ‘50
                Nurse, IV Therapist, Infection Control Pioneer

Joseph J. Hagan, ‘68
                Engineer, Nuclear Industry Leader, Chief Nuclear Officer

James E. Hannold, ‘47
                Decorated Veteran, Master Carpenter, Civic Leader, Artist

2012 Inductees

John Scout, ‘72
                Engineer, Professor, Naval Officer

Dr. Peter Pellegrino, ‘52
                Surgeon, Administrator, Civic Volunteer

David Munn, ‘59
                Librarian, Author, Historian

2013 Inductees

Charles H. Billingham, ‘77
                Sheriff, Public Servant, Community Activist

John Johnson, ‘76
                Emmy Award Winner, Video Production Pioneer, Broadcast Innovator

Mark T. Llewellyn, ‘77
                Civil Engineer, Business Executive, Civic Advocate

2014 Inductees

Dr. William Gradwell, ‘64
                Military Psychologist, Medical School Professional, 9/11 Responder

Michael Guldin, ‘92
                Coast Guard Commander, Intelligence Chief, Strategic Planner

Tommy MacAdams, ‘71
                Community Leader, Civic Innovator, Youth Sports Advocate

2015 Inductees

Margaret Sooy Bridwell, ‘49
                Educator, Historian, Genealogist 

John L. Hughes Jr., ‘55
                CEO, Consultant, Civic Volunteer

Bonayln Weidrich, ‘41
                WAVE, Patriot, Veteran Advocate

2016 Inductees

Dacia Atkinson-Haddad, ‘92
                Lawyer, Women’s Rights Advocate, Volunteer

Theresa Baker-Hancock, '78
Veterans' Affairs Director, Program Innovator, Liaison to the White House

Dr. Susan Fordyce Clements, ‘92
Psychologist, Professor, Author

Steven Martz, ‘86
FBI Agent, FBI Instructor/Leader, Youth Coach

2017 Inductees

Robert Bevan, '62
Veteran, Mayor, Civic Volunteer

Joseph Pollock, '70
Nuclear Plant Operator, Businessman, Administrator

Joseph Cramer, '62
Chemical Engineer, Administrator, Educator

Keith Pierce, '90
Aviator, Officer, Patriot

2018 Inductee

Brian Francis, '79 
Entrepreneur, Mentor, Football Official

2019 Inductee

James Nicholson, ‘60

Military Intelligence Officer, Investigative Journalist, Author