Senior College Drive

Senior College Drive

Week of September 30th - Application Essay Week

Our Guidance Department staff will be visiting all English IV classes. They will field questions about all post-secondary planning avenues including colleges, military enlistment, and technical school registration. Our English IV teacher will be having all Seniors complete an essay aimed at one of the multiple Common App prompts or another application prompt of their choice.

Week of October 7th - Application Boot Camp

Guidance staff & our Media Specialist will be in classroom A3 each day throughout this week to support students in completing their applications during the common lunch.

Week of October 15th - EOF & Student Resume Week

GHS graduates who have gone to college free through New Jersey's Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) will present to Seniors about their experience.

Week of October 21st - Scholarship Fair

Seniors will be able to review information from all national, state, and private scholarships that have contacted us. A Google Classroom will be created to share scholarship information with Seniors throughout the year. Information about various scholarship search engines will also be shared.

Week of October 28th - Rowan 3+1 and Rutgers Bridging the Gap

We are fortunate to have excellent universities in our immediate area who are finding ways to make a college diploma increasingly affordable. We will highlight some of these local opportunities.

Monday, October 28th – Financial Aid Night

Mike Chando, a representative of HESAA who also is the Director of Admissions & Financial Aid at Rowan College, will come to GHS on Monday, October 28th at 6:30pm to provide families with a summary of the financial aid application requirements. This presentation is open to any students and families in grades 9 through 12.

November 6th - FAFSA Workshop

Mike Chando will return to GHS this evening to meet with 12th grade families and support them as they complete all financial aid forms (FAFSA) in A1.