Class of 2020 - Senior Trip Payment Plan

Class of 2020 - Senior Trip Payment Plan
Class of 2020 - Senior Trip Payment Plan

We will continue to offer the opportunity to students interested in going on the trip to begin payments in the winter of their junior year. Our hope is that this process will allow for students and/or parents to pay towards the trip over a year rather than pay the entire sum at one time or in three larger payments. This payment plan has proven very successful with increasing the number of students going on the trip the past two years.

Here is the suggested payment plan for the Class of 2020:

1/19/2019 - $108.00
2/16/2019 - $108.00
3/16/2019 - $108.00
4/20/2019 - $108.00
5/18/2019 - $108.00
6/22/2019 - $108.00
7/20/2019 - $108.00
8/17/2019 - $108.00
9/21/2019 - $108.00
10/19/2019 - $108.00
11/16/2019 - $108.00
12/21/2019 - $108.00
1/18/2020 - $104.00

The plan is a very simple one. You may send in the specified amount on the date indicated. This will spread your payments out evenly so as not to burden your finances at any one time. However, you are free to establish your own schedule and send in any amount at any time. Payments can be made with a check or money order (made payable to GHS-Senior Trip 2020) or cash. Payments can be delivered in person, by students, or mailed directly to the school. Receipts will be issued for all payments. 

If you decide not to participate in this payment plan, the date and amount due are listed below: 

1st payment of $450- October 4th, 2019
2nd payment of $450- December 6th, 2019
3rd and final Payment-January 13th, 2020

Students who do not use the installment plan are certainly welcome to pay larger amounts at any time as long as they meet the necessary deposits indicated on the payment sheet. Students who pay and ultimately decide not to go on the trip can expect a full refund up to October 1st, 2019. After that date, refunds cannot be guaranteed and will be given as directed by the travel agent.

We hope that both students and their parents find the plan an easy one to keep up with. Our goal is always to have as many students as possible involved in this once in a lifetime experience.