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Mr. Sean Gorman

Mr Sean Gorman

Principal’s Corner
(Originally featured in the Gloucester City News)

Excitement levels are at their peak as we begin the 2018-2019 school year. It fills me with pride to communicate the achievements from last school year that we will look to build upon.
Gloucester High School now offers more AP courses per student than any other public high school in Camden County.  As we introduce AP Statistics, AP Human Geography, and AP Environmental Science this week, we now offer one AP course for every 55 students in our school.  The variety of our offerings and top-notch instructors have led us to achieve national recognition for two consecutive years by The College Board on their “AP District Honor Roll.”  Fewer than 500 schools across the United States and Canada received the honor each year for both expanding AP participation and increasing student passing rates on the national AP assessments.  More than 100 unique GHS students (nearly 25% of our student population) successfully completed an AP course in each of the past two years. This is even more impressive because sophomore year is the first year our students can enroll in an AP course.
The College Board also honors individual students for extraordinary success in AP courses.  The “National AP Scholar” title is only given to students who achieve passing scores on three or more national AP assessments.  Four Juniors---Christy Levandowski, Rebecca Wenner, Evan Witcraft, and Brandon Rogers---are the first students in Gloucester High School history to achieve this honor prior to the beginning of their Senior year!
Marking another first in school history, all of our Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors took the PSAT and all of our Juniors and Seniors took the SAT during the 2017-2018 school year.  The top 10% of all of our Juniors (tested in April) achieved an average score of close to 1300 out of 1600 possible points!  All of these tests were administered at GHS in October and April during a school day.  Participation in these assessments are not only staples along the modern path of “college and career readiness”; the resulting, school-wide data that we receive clearly exhibits our student body’s areas of strength and areas in need of improvement in Language Arts and Math.  We analyze these results, discuss them, and design plans for system and student growth around them.
I am also proud to communicate that our three-year graduation rate average is better than it has ever been since the State began calculating it more strictly in 2011 based on a federal mandate.  Our graduation rate the past three years is at an average of 92%.  This rate calculation only recognizes students who graduate within four years of entering high school.
In possibly the greatest advancement to date, spring State test results exhibit that our students outperformed 2017 State passing averages on the end-of-course Algebra I (9th grade only), English I, English II, and English III for the first time since the PARCC was introduced as the State assessment.  Our students’ 2018 performance surpassed Gloucester High School’s previous best passing rate in each of the same subject areas.
As you can see, our school community’s quantifiable effectiveness is on display in every direction.  This is a tribute to all the talented, hard-working students in our community, the hundreds of extremely skilled and dedicated staff members, and a City filled with supportive families and community members.  We must all continue to find ways to raise our expectations while supporting all of the youth in our community. I am excited to witness our collective performance continue to break records and defy socio-economic odds.