Principal's Message


Mr. Sean Gorman

Mr Sean Gorman


This has been a most  unique year at Gloucester High School.  When we left the building on March 16th, I don’t think anyone anticipated that we would not see our students again until our June textbook returns in our parking lot.  Like so many schools and workplaces, we transitioned to life through a screen.  Class discussions, field trips, and even yoga sessions took place virtually.  We saw national staples like the SAT exams canceled.  Office hours for counselors, nurses, and others became Google Hangout video chats.  Our incoming Freshman had their final orientation provided virtually.  There is no sugarcoating how much we lost:  Prom, Spring athletics, Senior trip, traditional graduation, months of friendships and time spent with caring teachers and staff...

Amidst all of this, we still have so much to be proud of.  Amazingly, we have now been named as one of “America’s Best High Schools” by US News & World Report for four consecutive years---every one of the wonderful Class of 2020’s high school years. We were placed in the top 10 high schools in South Jersey in these rankings for the first time in school history. The highest-ranked schools are those whose students excelled on state tests and performed beyond expectations; participated in and passed a variety of college-level exams; and graduated in higher proportions.  Our student performance has never been greater on assessments ranging from the SAT to AP tests.  Six years ago, our school-wide AP passing rate was only 15.4% with an exclusive 91 total national assessments administered.  I couldn’t be prouder to inform you that our national passing rate has now skyrocketed to 58.2% of the 163 national assessments administered this spring. Our passing rate beat both the New Jersey and global AP passing rates in nearly half of the AP courses that we offer.  We are excited to open the AP Capstone program on our campus this fall.  We are one of fewer than 2,500 high schools throughout the world approved to offer this program.  Our partnerships with Rowan College of South Jersey and Camden County College’s Career & Technical Institute continue to flourish and provide our students with the opportunity to earn college credits and/or professional industry credentials while in high school. We take great pride in preparing our students for success after graduation. We hope to provide them with at least a sampling of their future pursuits while surrounded by the one-of-a-kind support system that GHS has always provided.

As our nation deals with unrest and constant change on multiple levels, we are re-committed more than ever to our vision:

Gloucester High School, in partnership with students, families, and our community, sets high expectations for our performance and instills pride in our achievements, developing responsible citizens and a commitment to lifelong learning.

           We will work forever to ensure that we personalize the educational experience for our students and families in accordance with their hopes, dreams, and abilities while treating all with the utmost dignity and respect.  Our greatest hope for our students each year is the paramount importance of every student feeling comfortable “being themself” regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or any other distinguishing factor.  As we prepare for a “new normal”  where we’ll take student temperatures upon entry each morning, teach them to responsibly socially distance, and ponder the possibilities of potential combinations of  physical instruction, hybrid instruction, virtual instruction throughout this school year, here are two things that not even a pandemic can change:  We are a family.  Gloucester High is our home.

Sean Gorman, Class of 1998

Ms. Sarah Finley


Assistant Principal


It is with great anticipation that I look forward to what is sure to be a unique year at Gloucester High School, and my nineteenth year overall at GHS!  Despite these unprecedented circumstances, I remain excited about the possibilities that the 2020-2021 school year will bring.  I know - whether we are learning in-person or remotely – that the staff, students, and parents in this great Lions’ community will continue to collaborate towards fulfilling our shared commitment to lifelong learning.

At GHS, we strive to develop 21st century students equipped with critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving skills, and our rigorous course of study allows us to provide students with the meaningful foundations they need to succeed in college and career.   Our staff is working harder than ever to cultivate a positive, safe, and nurturing environment for our student body.  We are proud of all of the opportunities available to our students – in terms of both academics and extracurricular activities – and of the partnerships that continue to flourish within our school community.  Rest assured that the staff and administration at GHS will continue to hold students to high expectations for respect, responsibility, character, and integrity so that each student may reach their full potential both academically and behaviorally.

I hope that all of us – students, staff, parents, and community members - will continue to do our part to help one another reach our goals this year.  More than ever, it is critical that we support each other and keep open the lines of positive and productive communication.  It is a privilege to serve the GHS community as Assistant Principal, and I am grateful that I am able to work with this incredible family each and every day.  Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns – have a great year, and as always, GO LIONS!


Sarah Finley

GHS Assistant Principal