Principal's Message


Mr. Sean Gorman

Mr Sean Gorman

Principal’s Corner
(Originally featured in the Gloucester City News)

We are very proud of our high school’s relationship with our community.  Our school’s vision remains:  “Gloucester High School, in partnership with students, families, and our community, sets high expectations for our performance and instills pride in our achievements, developing responsible citizens and a commitment to lifelong learning.”  “Responsible citizens” is the intended outcome for all graduates of our school.  Our students must embrace the responsibility of representing themselves, their families, their school, and their community.  We try to cultivate an appreciation of our community, its history, and its future in a number of ways.

We feel that volunteerism is an integral part of each student’s development and education.  We remain committed to providing our students with a host of opportunities for serving others.  Our Student Council, Leo Club, and Interact Club play the lead roles in administering our community’s “Giving Tree” Christmas sponsorship program each year.  The program sponsored more than 200 children this year.  Homeroom collections begin after Halloween with non-perishable food items donated to the local Thanksgiving Drive and continue into December with toy collection boxes throughout our building. Our Leo Club works closely with our local Lions Club on efforts such as assisting visually impaired children with their holiday shopping at a South Jersey Target.  Our Interact Club has a similar relationship dedicated to the services of our local Rotary Club.  For four years now, our Student Council and Gloucester Catholic High School’s Student Council have teamed up to add a shared, feel-good element to the athletic rivalry between the two schools known as “Restock the Shelves.”  At City Series football and basketball games, collections bins are set out for guests to donate food items which are sent to replenish the local food bank.

In addition to these communal acts of service, we take pride in our school’s presence at community events and programs.  This month, our Cheerleading & Dance Teams participated along with our Band, Color Guard, and Video Gamers Club in the annual Gloucester City Christmas Parade.  Many of our students jump at the opportunity to participate in or assist with important traditions in our community such as the “Hero to Hero” Run and Cpl. Marc Ryan Run.  Some of our proudest moments to of the 2017-2018 school year came as we witnessed the roles that our students played at the Gloucester City Mustangs Field Dedication this fall, singing the national anthem and raising our country’s flag in Marc’s honor.

 Our students volunteer as both coaches and officials at many of our youth athletic leagues.  A number of our varsity athletic programs host youth activities with the aim of ensuring that our community’s young athletes aspire to wear a Lions uniform someday.  Additionally, with the help of our School Resource Officer, we have established wonderful partnerships with our local Police Departments ranging from Gloucester City Police Department’s summer Junior Police Academy at GHS to the annual “Week of Respect” luncheon that our peer mentors provide to members of both Gloucester City and Brooklawn’s Police Departments.  We have worked with our local Fire Department to begin to create similar programs with them.  Multiple classes have visited our local VFW museum and our Military Club continued our annual tradition of hosting a “Veteran’s Breakfast” and had Randy Forte (Class of 2011), Jack Simila, and Matt Wojkowiak as honored guests for this year.

Our students and staff members are committed to serving beyond the Gloucester City and Brooklawn communities.  We have had initiatives completed throughout the past two months that exhibited how passionate this commitment level is.  Our Leo Club raised over $1200 for a young boy and his family from Puerto Rico who were victims of Hurricane Maria. Our Friends of Rachel/Helping Hands Club continued their work of making “care packages for the homeless,” distributing sandwiches, cookies, and positive messages many times each school year.

As we enter the New Year and quickly arrive at Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, know that Dr. King’s message that “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” is valued highly at Gloucester High.