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Mr. Sean Gorman

Mr Sean Gorman

Principal’s Corner
(Originally featured in the Gloucester City News)

     We are thrilled about our school district’s recent recognition on The College Board’s “AP District Honor Roll.”  This honor was only given to 433 school districts across the United States and Canada.  The College Board is “a mission-driven not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity.”  They are the creators of college readiness staples across the world including the SAT and PSAT, in addition to AP coursework.  This award recognizes a great accomplishment: that the Gloucester City School District has been able to increase the number of students participating in our AP program while also increasing the percentage of students earning passing AP Exam scores of 3 or higher.

     AP classes are the most challenging courses that a student can take during their high school career.  The College Board constructs both a national college-level curriculum and final examination for each of these courses.  The courses are designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to take an introductory-level college class while they are still enrolled in high school.  We are extremely proud that more than ten Gloucester High School staff members have been trained and certified by The College Board to teach at least one of the following AP courses:  AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP United States History, AP European History, AP World History, AP United States Government & Politics, AP Psychology, AP Language & Composition, and AP Literature & Composition.  Having expert staff members prepared to teach these nine AP courses at our high school places us as one of the top high schools throughout New Jersey in regards to the number of AP courses per student population.  Additionally, we further expand our students’ opportunity through our partnership with the virtual education provider, The Virtual High School.  This partnerships makes 13 additional AP courses available to our students which include AP courses in Economics, Statistics, Spanish, and Computer Science. 

     We have seen the number of AP tests administered at GHS skyrocket from 81 in the spring of 2014 to 197 AP tests scheduled to be taken this spring.  More impressively, there are 141 unique GHS 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who will take these 197 tests!  These students and their families are applauded for rising to the challenge of taking AP courses and welcoming the greatest opportunity to make students “college ready.”  The impact that success in AP courses will have on these families stretches far beyond the high school career of their children.  In 2016, more than 4,000 colleges and universities around the world accepted AP scores for college credit, advanced placement, or both, and/or consideration in the admission process.  Between our AP success, and partnerships that we have developed with Camden County College and Rowan College at Gloucester County, we have witnessed recent GHS graduates earn a full year’s worth of college credits while they are still in high school  This has saved tens of thousands of dollars for these students and their families.

     This achievement is a true celebration of the outstanding educational impact made across the Gloucester City and Brooklawn School Districts.  The administration and staff at Cold Springs School, Mary Ethel Costello School, and Alice Costello School have prepared nearly one out of every two 11th & 12th grade students with the foundational skills and knowledge to rise to the challenge of taking at least one AP course.  Our Superintendent, Mr. Rafferty, Curriculum Director, Dr. Curry, all other district administrators and School Board members have intensely supported and successfully added additional coursework opportunities over the past few years and provided adequate support for both staff and students to make this a reality. Providing valuable instructional resources for students and providing training opportunities for staff members at top-notch universities during summers, many of the “right steps” have been taken to arrive at this destination.  Lastly, the staff at Gloucester Junior-Senior High School have continued to tirelessly support students’ intellectual growth and build their confidence throughout the final phases of our local educational program and lead them to new heights of achievement.