Summer Reading

Summer Reading


Gloucester High School is excited to launch One Book, One School for 2017-2018, a program enjoying great success at several area high schools as a way to encourage students to read and to foster a sense of community through literature.  One Book, One School--or OBOS--is also a vehicle to unite students and teachers through their reading of and interacting with the same book.

The most important question (aside from appropriate content and complexity for grades 9-12) to consider when selecting a book for OBOS is:  Will the students of Gloucester High School be able to enjoy and relate to this text?  We are convinced that this year’s book will be one that you will not only enjoy but love.  It has themes teachers can utilize in their lessons throughout the school year, and because good books do not exist in a vacuum, teachers of subjects other than English will be able to apply the themes to their classes as well.
Here is how it goes: all students will be given the OBOS text to read over the summer.  Upon our return to GHS in September, you can expect exciting and interesting activities, events, and contests related to the book. Students will be part of the planning of these activities aimed at generating conversation, community, and an understanding of the world and our place in it.

The 2017-2018 One Book, One School selection is THE BOYS IN THE BOAT by Daniel James Brown.  While you are reading, relaxing, and recharging over the summer, think about how this true story of nine working-class boys and their epic journey to win a gold medal at the 1936 Olympics is relevant to you and to our school community.

Additional texts for students enrolled in 2017-2018 Pre-AP, Honors, and AP English classes can be found on the "Summer Assignments" link via our "For Students" drop-down menu on our web page.  

Have a wonderful vacation!  We look forward to seeing you again in September.