Study Stack: Search for or create your own flash cards. Pre existing flash cards include those for SAT Verbal & Math, ASVAB, various timeframes in history, English vocab. There are several ways to study outside of flashcards including hangman and other games. 


The Art of Ed: Lesson plans, resources, videos and podcasts easily searched by a variety of topics including advocacy, classroom management, technology, media/techniques, organization, professional development, assessment, creativity, curriculum, instructional strategies, and philosophies

Guidance/College/Career Readiness

Health/Physical Ed


National Archives: Tons of primary source documents, pictures, lesson plan ideas, the ability to view online exhibits, presidential libraries, and etc.

Language Arts

Librivox Audiobooks


Inklewriter This is similar to choose your own adventure. The student starts writing a story and then choose different options for middles and endings.


Goconqr: Go to Start Now It's Free, Accept the Terms and Conditions, Log in with your GCSD Account, Choose "study", enter your grade level and select any subject. Create mind maps/concept maps, flash cards, and flow charts